Facade Cleaning awarded with Quality Label

POLY-RAPID receives Quality Label from SZFF (Swiss Centre for Windows and Facades)

The regular cleaning of facades is getting more and more important. Facades which are not properly cleaned are causing damages to the building itself as well as loss of value of the property. In order to guarantee an immaculate functioning of the building a proper and regular maintenance and cleaning of the building’s outside is essential.

Every facade – be it metal, stone or concrete – needs a professional care and maintenance.

The quality label from SZFF provides proof of evidence that POLY-RAPID is Switzerland’s leading company for facade care and maintenance. The strict rules and guidelines as well as the procedures are regularly checked both internally and external.

After treatment, every new facade get checked and registered by SZFF. Independent quality assurance institutes permanently ensure the company's high standards of quality. The maintenance and cleaning is done according to the guidelines for metal facades (SZFF 61.01) as well as natural and artificial stone facades (SZFF 62.01). The basis for quality assurance are the regulations (SZFF 51.01).

SZFF Quality Label : > Download

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