Taski Award

And the first award winner is…a POLY-RAPID employee!

The essential nature of the jobs performed by cleaning staff is often overlooked, even though the work is extremely demanding. Cleaners make a tremendous contribution to keeping our surroundings clean and safe. To honour the people who provide these professional cleaning services day in and day out, Diversey Care has instituted the "Taski Award". And the first of these awards goes to Konstantinos Giannakos, a mainstay of the POLY-RAPID AG team in Zurich. The award is accompanied by a travel voucher worth 1,000 Swiss francs. Congratulations!


"This year, the Swiss Taski brand celebrates its sixtieth birthday. We decided to use this special occasion to emphasise just how much we appreciate the work performed by cleaning professionals through the Taski Award", explains Jürg Schmid, Country Marketing Leader Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia at Diversey Care.


Recognition for the people at the cleaning front

Candidates' names are put forward six times a year, and a winner is drawn each time. The winners and their employers are portrayed at taskiaward.com and in "Facility Services". All the prizes are sponsored by Diversey Care Switzerland. Jürg Schmid points out that the managers nominate their employees for the Taski Award on the strength of their outstanding performance.


The first Taski Award winner: Konstantinos Giannakos

The first winner of the Taski Award is Konstantinos Giannakos, who works for Poly-Rapid in Zurich and was nominated by Poly-Rapid CEO Alkiviadis Fotiou and his team. Well done!

Why was Konstantinos Giannakos nominated?

Alkiviadis Fotiou explains: "Kostas has been with us for many years. He is a loyal and greatly appreciated member of our team, and has become something of an on-site operations centre. His nomination was richly deserved. Kostas works as an internal facility manager at a customer's business location, he is conscientious, remedies potential problems before they become acute, and is the first person our other team members consult when working there. And it is to no small extent thanks to him that POLY-RAPID has now won the contract for all facility services at this customer's premises (reception, mail, archive and technical services). A company's success is dependent on the quality of its employees in the field, and the work performed by Konstantinos Giannakos has obviously been top-notch. He certainly deserves his award."


Although Konstaninos Giannakos was surprised to hear that he had won the Taski Award ("I was just doing my job!"), he is of course delighted to be the winner, and the first one at that. Congratulations on an excellent job!

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