Tips to help you save energy

The following tips are an easy way to save energy. After all, a temperature difference of just one degree can save between 5% and 8% of your heating costs. 

Tip 1

A new, energy-saving heating system consumes around 25 percent less energy than an old system. So systems that are over 15 years old should be replaced as soon as possible. Huge energy savings mean the new system pays for itself within a few years.

Tip 2

Set your heating one degree cooler throughout your home. Warm slippers and a cosy sweater will make both you and your wallet feel more comfortable.

Tip 3

Heat living rooms to 20/21 degrees. Rooms that are used less frequently should be set slightly lower (17 – 19 degrees) and bedrooms at no more than 17/18 degrees. You will benefit from better sleep and look good in the morning.

Tip 4

Your empty home is quite happy at 15 degrees when you are on holiday.

Tip 5

Close the doors to rooms that are used less frequently. This allows you to heat each room individually.

Tip 6

Allow excess warmth to circulate into other rooms rather than opening a window.

Tip 7

Get into the habit of opening all windows two or three times a day for 3 minutes at the most to force the exchange of air in your home. This promotes the removal of humidity in the air. makes use of cookies to enhance your online experience. By continuing browsing, you accept our privacy policy.