Environmentally - Friendly with system

As a professional in the field of cleaning windows and facades, POLY-RAPID works with ‘Polyqleen’, a unique cleaning system. The very light and stable titan-carbon poles can reach a height of 21 metres (recommended up to the third floor). Thanks to the telescope technique, facades and glass elements which cannot normally be reached, can be cleaned to a very high standard and a high occupational safety is guaranteed. Costs are kept to a minimum as no hydraulic lift is needed. The system being efficient and environmentally-friendly is the best solution for the care and maintenance of value of demanding buildings with difficult access. 

Cleaning of the facades with ‘Polyqleen’ contains:

  • Cleaning of the windows up to the third floor
  • Cleaning of facades which are difficult to get to
  • Cleaning of aluminium facades
  • Cleaning of corrugated iron facades
  • Cleaning of solar installations
  • Environmentally-friendly cleaning

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