Terms and conditions

1. Course of action
POLY-RAPID AG  is committed to executing the cleaning and care of the rooms of the customer according to the specification agreed upon.
The beginning of the working hours is determined together with the customer.
On public holidays no cleaning is carried out. This is already taken into account in the flat rate and does not bring about a reduction in the monthly flat rate.

2. Personnel and machines
POLY-RAPID AG brings into action the necessary number of employees for the responsibilities mentioned in 1. It also provides replacement employees in case of holidays or illness.
The cleaners refrains from any use of facilities, installations etc. (with the exception of   sanitary and electrical installations). During working hours alcohol consumption and smoking are forbidden.
The customer provides enough keys, the necessary hot and cold water for cleaning, electricity and a room or space to keep the cleaning equipment and products free of charge. It is a condition to use water and electricity economically.
POLY-RAPID AG makes the machines, equipment and cleaning products needed for the cleaning available. The costs, (excluding consumable material, such as plastic bags, soap, toilet paper, towels etc.) are included in the flat rate.

3. Secrecy
POLY-RAPID AG commits itself to treating customer data carefully and to adhering to the regulations regarding data protection. The employees of the company promise to safeguard the secrecy of all internal information.

4. Quality control, complaints
The company has the execution of the order checked in periodic intervals, during or after the cleaning. This check is done by an inspector who is specially qualified for these control functions.
The clerk responsible for the customer chooses the person who carries out the control of the cleaning. Complaints, especially because of services not being carried out according to the contract, have to reach the management of the subscription service by telephone the following day between 9a.m. and 5p.m.. Reasonable defects will be rectified as soon as possible, generally within 24 hours.
  5. Price adjustment
The order is generally at a fixed rate, unless some changes in order have been agreed on. The fixed price for the services is calculated on the Swiss consumer price index of the current year. 
If the index changes and the statutory levies on salaries have been increased, POLY-RAPID AG is entitled to adjust its prices. Under normal circumstances this happens at the end of the year and this will be communicated to the customer in writing before it takes effect.

6. Duration of the contract and period of notice
After expiry of the primary contract (duration one year) the contract can be cancelled by both parties (period of notice is 3 months) for the middle or end of the year. After 10 years the period of notice is 6 months.

7. Conditions of payment
The invoicing for the cleaning service is done at the beginning of the cleaning month. The party to the contract usually transfers the amount within 30 days net. The cleaning month lasts from the first to the last of the month.

8. Indemnity insurance
In case of damage against a third party, POLY-RAPID is insured through a company indemnity insurance in the amount of CHF 1000’0000 for damage to people and property.

9. Enticement of employees
The customers commit themselves not to entice away any employees of POLY-RAPID AG   and not to demand services from them which do not comply with the contract. The customer is explicitly forbidden to enter into an employment contract with an employee of POLY-RAPID AG in order to offer services, which are object of the contract, in competition to POLY-RAPID AG. This is also the case when one of the employees starts their own business. In such an adverse case the customer owes POLY-RAPID AG a contractual penalty in the amount of a yearly flat rate in francs. The right to further claims for damages is reserved.

10. Changes in contract          
If conditions in the contract are changed or something is added on, the contracting parties have to record it in writing.

11. Legal domicile
Differences of opinion, which can occur, are settled whenever possible bilaterally. Should this not be possible, the legal domicile is in Zurich.

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